Introducing Beth Taylor

Hello everyone!

I am thrilled to introduce you to my client, the prolific poet and writer, Beth Taylor. As her writing coach, I am working with Beth to get her work published. She has several completed manuscripts that we are shopping around to small presses. I am always amazed at her creativity and her joyous spirit. Beth regularly updates her blog:

with new poetry and short prose. Please check her out and comment on your favorite pieces.

Warmest January Wishes,



Week 23: The Sweet Relief of Actually Writing

Wow. It’s been a tumultuous month full of changes, endings, new beginnings, and travel.

Even though I have had more free time in the last month than I usually do, I put off working on my book until today.

Have you ever given yourself a deadline, and then put it off, day after day?

I challenged myself to write 1,000 words, but I just kept moving the task from one day’s to-do list to the next.

The more I put it off, the more I dreaded it, but I couldn’t understand why. All I needed to do was go upstairs to my office, and write 1,000 words. I didn’t have to turn it in or show it to anyone, and I knew I could revise it after I was finished, but just the thought of facing the page felt painful.

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