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Week 8: Using Original Language (Current Word Count = 11146)

So, I missed my deadline yesterday, but I have a good excuse: my parents (the lovely stars of my book) were in town visiting me for the holiday weekend!

Although we didn’t spend time working on the book, we did get a lot of house projects done. I’m not sure my parents intended to spend their vacation doing housework, but they certainly had a great attitude about it.

After they left, I caught up on my writing, and am proud to announce that I broke through the 10,000 word count! 

Only 70,000 more words to go.

(Just kidding — who knows how long this manuscript will be.)

This week, I wrote about the week my parents spent on a Baltic cruise ship. They sailed to Denmark, and The Netherlands, before making their great escape by jumping off the back of a bus in downtown London (really).

It’s one of the most suspenseful scenes of the book, and I’ve probably written it half a dozen times. This time, I focused on writing realistic dialogue, and avoiding cliches and easy phrases.

I caught myself writing “breathed a sigh of relief,” and knew that I could write that feeling in a more original way.

For the most part, I let myself write a first draft. But I also want to be careful not to be too easy-going about it. The more thought and originality I put into the first draft, the less I’ll have to clean up later.

Do you have any tricks for avoiding writing in cliches?
What do you do when you catch yourself using easy and unoriginal phrases?

Current word count: 11146

Word count goal for Sunday, July 12: 2000 words (13146)


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