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Week 25: Allowing Myself Into The Story

My book manuscript word count :)

My book manuscript word count is now up to 24,331 words! I’m so freaking proud of myself.

I finally feel like I am building momentum on my book manuscript, and making it my own. 

I always come back to the power of keeping up my word count. I can’t think of any other way that I would successfully manage the progress of the book’s creation.

Since I missed my deadline last week, I challenged myself to write 2,000 words this weekend. I wrote 1,000 words yesterday, and 1,000 words today, and now I’ve got 24,331 words total! It feels so good, and I just did it little by little.

Right now I am working on some sections of the story that are told from my point of view. For a while, I wanted to only write the story from my parents’ point-of-view, but then it started to feel cold and distant and lifeless. I am allowing myself into the story by writing about what my experience has been growing up as a first-generation Polish-American, and all of the complexities and joys that I’ve found in it.

This week, I wrote about the “Polish Goodbye,” the long, drawn out way in which my people end their parties:

“The party would resume with more coffee, cognac or brandy or more wine, and we children would happily return to whichever activity we had been diligently working on before the ‘Polish goodbye’ was initiated.”

I feel proud and vulnerable when I share clips of my writing online. Sharing our writing opens us up to potential judgement from others (and from ourselves), but it’s also the only way to build community and let others in to what we do.

Even though I initially dread working on my manuscript every week, it feels so good when I add to it every week that I know I’m doing the right thing.

If you’re working on a manuscript yourself, I’d love to hear about it.
How have you sustained and maintained your manuscript’s growth and evolution? 



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