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Week 13: Woohoo! (Current Word Count = 20,046)

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Well, I’m happy! I just surpassed 20,000 words in my manuscript. How cool is that?

It feels especially good since I was coming off of a week where I felt I failed a bit. Did you notice there was no Week 12 update?

That’s because I had set my goal too high (2500 words), and then when I didn’t meet that target, I felt embarrassed, and spent the whole week trying to catch up.

I was dreading sitting down to write this evening (especially since I didn’t start until 8 pm), but when I looked at the word count-o-meter, I realized I was just 1500 words away from the 20,000 word marker.

And there was something about that milestone that just motivated me to push through.

It also coincided with writing the toughest part of the book, the part of the story that I’ve been putting off the whole time. Once I dove in, it really wasn’t that bad!

The thought/dread/fear of writing is always worse than the actual writing.

I’m also trying to remind myself that there is a delicate balance between sticking to my goals, and pushing just  a bit too hard.

So, for next week, and the weeks after, I’m going to be scaling back a bit. It feels so much better to blaze through a word count goal than to set one so high that it hurts to miss it.

How are your projects going?

Where are you finding success?

Where are you struggling?

Let me know!


Current Word Count = 20,046

Word Count Goal for Sunday, August 16 = 1500 words


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