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Week 11: We Left To Be Free (Current Word Count = 17268)

Hi guys and gals!

It’s Week 11 of my progress on my book. Can you believe that?

Yesterday I blogged about how much Resistance pops up for me. Even though I have always called myself a writer, writing has been painful, I’d say, since I was in college.

I am working on reviving that free and easy feeling I used to get when I was a kid and teenager, writing away in my journals and for school assignments.

I want to bring that fun feeling back.

When it comes to working on my book, the more I remind myself that it is JUST A ROUGH DRAFT, the better I feel.

Reminding myself IT IS JUST A ROUGH DRAFT helps me feel free.

And then once I get going with that rough draft mindset, the writing starts to feel like going downhill on a bicycle.

Remember that feeling? Weeeeeee.

Let it be a rough draft. Slap it together. Write crazy words on the page. No one has to see it except you!


As I was writing this week, I came up with a first title: We Left to be Free

What do you think?

I got it from a line of text I was writing from my mama’s point of view. I’ve ended up writing a lot more chapters in her voice than my dad’s. Perhaps the whole book will be told inĀ her voice. We’ll see…

I’m also going to crank up my word count goal, just to keep my Future Self on her toes.


Current Word Count = 17268

Word Count Goal for Sunday, August 2nd = 2500 words! (Gasp.)


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