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Week 11: We Left To Be Free (Current Word Count = 17268)

Hi guys and gals!

It’s Week 11 of my progress on my book. Can you believe that?

Yesterday I blogged about how much Resistance pops up for me. Even though I have always called myself a writer, writing has been painful, I’d say, since I was in college.

I am working on reviving that free and easy feeling I used to get when I was a kid and teenager, writing away in my journals and for school assignments.

I want to bring that fun feeling back.

When it comes to working on my book, the more I remind myself that it is JUST A ROUGH DRAFT, the better I feel.

Reminding myself IT IS JUST A ROUGH DRAFT helps me feel free.

And then once I get going with that rough draft mindset, the writing starts to feel like going downhill on a bicycle.

Remember that feeling? Weeeeeee.

Let it be a rough draft. Slap it together. Write crazy words on the page. No one has to see it except you!


As I was writing this week, I came up with a first title: We Left to be Free

What do you think?

I got it from a line of text I was writing from my mama’s point of view. I’ve ended up writing a lot more chapters in her voice than my dad’s. Perhaps the whole book will be told in┬áher voice. We’ll see…

I’m also going to crank up my word count goal, just to keep my Future Self on her toes.


Current Word Count = 17268

Word Count Goal for Sunday, August 2nd = 2500 words! (Gasp.)


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