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Ghost Words and Butter Hats: An Interview with Hadara Bar-Nadav

“Creation can be born from destruction… there is an inherent joy in it… because something is born. That is the antidote to death, which is the ultimate silence.” — Hadara Bar-Nadav


I am thrilled to share with you the first ever Honkytonk Alphabet video interview with poet Hadara Bar-Nadav. (She’s one of my absolute favorites.)

In this 30-ish-minute interview, Hadara and I talk about her latest collection, Lullaby (with Exit Sign). We talk specifically about the challenges and surprising joys of birthing a manuscript out of an immense grief that almost stopped Hadara from writing at all.

I think all writers can identify with the moment when you question writing, or are tempted to not write at all (the brilliant Steven Pressfield calls this force “resistance”), so Hadara’s story is especially powerful if you’ve ever been creatively stuck.

(We also talk about ghost words — words on the page that you mistake for other words — and butter hats! Yes. Butter hats.)

Thanks for watching!



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