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First Book Project Kick-Off

This year, with the help of this blog and you, its readers, I’m going to write my first book.

The book will tell the story of my parents’ decision to leave Poland in 1976 and immigrate to America by way of Guatemala.

They came to America as newlyweds with a newborn baby (my older sister), and a newly secured research assistantship for my father at Texas A&M. My mother didn’t speak a word of English when they arrived in College Station, Texas.

Their story is an integral part of my identity, and I’ve always wanted to share it with the world. But writing a book is scary, and every time I have tried before, I have come up short.

I’m making this commitment to complete the project to honor my parents, my siblings, and my own self and voice.

The rules will be simple:

  1. Every Sunday, I will set a goal for myself (for example: 500 words).
  2. I’ll check in the following Sunday to announce my progress,
  3. and then set a new goal for the subsequent week.

Tracking my progress in a blog will not only serve as a living document of my process, but it will also hold me to very public promise to deliver every week.

I’ll ask you to be my cheerleaders and accountability buddies as I move forward.

Thank you,



Current Word Count: 0

Writing Assignment Due on Sunday, May 24th: 500 words


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